SprintR is Live!

SprintR is officially launched. We’ve gotten our first shipment of the SprintR VR controller in, and we’re ready to rock. you can finally find out what people at the game developer’s conference have been raving about.

SprintR works just like a game-pad, so you can get started right away , no need for special code or integration. We’ve included a tray-app for customization, so you can remap the keys to whatever you like.

Keep in mind that SprintR works with mobile VR also, so if you’ve made a killer VR app for a phone and want to walk around freely in-game, give SprintR a shot.

We’ve fullfilled our pre-orders, so now developers and enthusiasts can take a crack at it. We’ve love to see any demos you make where you’re walking around in VR hands free, so please send us a note! Save

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