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SprintR:Move in virtual reality with the first VR footpad of its kind.

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SprintR Developer kit – $149 + shipping

  • Ships Late June 2018
  • Includes:
    • 1 SprintR controller
    • Conversion docs
    • Tray-app for customization (download from site)
Order Now!

Get your devkit today along with VR conversion Documentation that allow users to quickly and easily enable players to walk , run, jump, and crouch in VR.

  • Players can walk, run, and jump using SprintR
  • Loads as a standard gamepad.
  • SprintR is wired or wireless; it can do both.
  • Works with all headsets and motion controllers
  • Use in regular or VR games.
  • No need to sweat through your HMD just to get around in VR!

SprintR: Get your games into VR!

Get your SprintR dev kit today and you can start making fully immersive VR games that enable players to fully navigate your amazing environments.

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