SprintR is Live!

SprintR is officially launched. We've gotten our first shipment of the SprintR VR controller in, and we're ready to rock. you can finally find out what people at the game developer's conference have been raving about. SprintR works just like a game-pad, so you can get started right away , no need for [...]

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GDC 2017

Make sure to come see us at GDC 2017. We've got the latest design of SprintR, and we'll be taking devkit ore-orders! We're in GDCPlay Booth: PL4935

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Progress Update

Hi All, We've been making great progress on SprintR in the last few months, and we're happy to say the preliminary mechanical design is done! We're working on improvements to the electronics, and will be posting many cool new features soon. In the meantime, we are announcing that the devkits will be ready for pre-order [...]

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Post GDC

GDC went amazingly well. Representatives from many major publishers and developers got to try SprintR for the first time, and the reception was fantastic. We're currently working toward the first developer run of the controller, and will keep everyone informed when we begin accepting pre-orders. In the meantime, We've created a guide to show developers [...]

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GDC 2016

We'll be at GDC 2016 with the latest SprintR proto an demos showing it working for FPS , Racing, and Flight sim games. We've made amazing progress, and it's only getting better with each step!

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Next Version

We're currently working on the next version of SprintR, which includes improved internal and external mechanics. We've also updated some of the electrical components, and will be doing a software update as well. We've still working with a local company to give us high quality 3d printed parts, so here is a shot of the [...]

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SprintR + VR FPS Video

One of the key things about SprintR is that it makes Virtual Reality FPS games viable.  In these videos, the mouse is controlling the gun, the Oculus is controlling the head/VR, and the SprintR is controlling all character movement (walking/turning).  Both Peter and Nick did a test run of the FPS level. We learned a [...]

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Project Update

We announced SprintR a little while ago, and since then we’ve been working on it pretty diligently. We’re making progress, and wanted to show everyone what we plan to do with the controller. Currently, we’re working on a demo that shows off how it works. We’re also working on improving the controller by adding some [...]

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